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June 20, 2012

Dear Teresa and Paul,

Now that Dad has been with you a couple of months I want to take a few minutes to tell you how pleased my wife and I are with the level of care you have been providing.

Over the past 2 years we have had Dad at three other Assisted Care facilities here in Cottonwood.  None of the three facilities provided the type of care that Dad needs given the current state of his Alzheimer's disease. 

At Alicia’s Secret, every time we visit Dad he is always clean and well groomed.  He is not dirty and soiled and his room is always clean and fresh.  Dad is not left in his room and neglected as he has been in other facilities and someone is always with him

Teresa, you and Paul have provided Dad one 1 one 1 care 24 hours a day.  Both of you have gone over and above taking turns staying with Dad all through the night when needed.  You have provided this service with deep loving care.  You treat Dad as though he is a member of your family.  Everything you do for Dad is done with deep care, love and respect.  This type of care is not to be found anywhere else in the Verde Valley.  My wife and I for the first time can now relax knowing that Dad is being well taken care of by two incredible people with deep devotion for the elderly.

Alicia’s Secret is truly the shining star of Assisted Care facilities in Northern Arizona and the Verde Valley.  My wife and I highly recommend Alicia’s Secret to anyone who is looking to place a loved one in Assisted Care.  

 With Deep Respect,

 Rick Moreland  


June 27, 2012

Dear Theresa,

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am that we found you in our search for the right place for my mother. I don’t think we could have done any better, unless we had been able to convince Mom to move in with one of us. But Mom refuses to move in with any of her children, because she doesn’t want to “be a burden” (despite our insistences otherwise). With our family spread out all over the country, it has been difficult finding a place for her.

As you know, Mom had been at The Peaks in Flagstaff, where she was somewhat content but suffering from inadequate care, and had recently been forced to wear oxygen 24/7. Due to her short term memory loss, she would often forget to use the oxygen, and as a result had begun to pass out and fall.

The move down to Rimrock allowed her to eliminate the oxygen, and to receive much better care than she’d received at The Peaks. 

What you offer is very unique, in our experience from the last several years of looking at, and Mom
sometimes living at, a variety of assisted living facilities, from large to small. At Alicia’s Secret, Mom gets to live with, and become part of, your family, versus being in a home or apartment situation with other seniors and caregivers that go home at the end of the day. You’ve taken her on family outings (baseball games, family reunions, musical performances, etc), and she shares a bit in the housework (washing dishes) when she wants to (it sounds like that’s fairly often).

She’s adjusted to her move from The Peaks remarkably fast, and always has good things to say about you and your family, and her living situation in general. Her only complaint has been an occasional bought of boredom. If you are successful in your search for more residents, that might help Mom to feel she has more going on in her life with even more people to socialize with.

Thanks again Theresa, for taking such good care of my mother.


Linc Vannah


                                                                                                                              June 31, 2012

Regarding: Alicia’s Secret

After struggling to support my mother’s residence in a large assisted living facility, I consider myself and my mother extremely blessed to have found such a wonderful home and family for my mother to be part of.

This is a wonderful small home-like facility because it IS a private home. My mother has become part of a new  family that she is very fond of.  She enjoys visits from Teresa’s  children, friends, and grandchildren who even make her small gifts which she treasures.  For the first time in years, she has become so alert and active that she regulary asks to participate in family activities and walks several times a day.  Although she had frequently refused to go to exercise and activity sessions at the large facility, she almost always responds to Teresa’s gentle encouragement by participating in these  activities at Alicia’s Secret.  My siblings – who all live in other areas of the country but frequently call Mom – have all commented on how much more alert and happy she is.

Mom had stopped eating most of her meals in the large facility and was existing on desserts. She had gained a large amount of weight which made it even more difficult for her to move around.  Without someone to give her more individual attention and reminders, she had stopped drinking adequate fluids and became severely dehydrated – requiring hospitalization. At Alicia’s Secret, she is allowed to serve herself what she feels she can eat from family serving dishes –as she sits with the family; and is now eating  and drinking much more healthfully.  She raves about how delicious the meals are and her weight is now closer to a healthy weight for her.  As a healthcare-provider myself, I have been very impressed by the way that Alicia’s Secret is run.

I no longer have to worry about being available to leave work and stay with my mother – or take her to my house – when she is ill or unable to care for herself. Teresa and her care takers are able and willing to help her when her physical needs and ability fluctuate.  I also appreciate the fact that Teresa regularly keeps me informed of my mother’s condition and needs. I prefer to take my mother to her medical appointments, but Teresa is quite willing to bring Mom to Flagstaff for medical appointments and frequently brings Mom to Flagstaff (closer to my home) for social outings.

Alicia’s Secret is definitely the best thing that has happened to Mom and our family!

Gretchen Wilce